Why won't bifold doors stay closed?

In most cases, the problem is a loosened upper pivot and bracket, which allowed the door to slide sideways out of alignment (Photo. Open the door, then slightly loosen the upper bracket mounting screw with a screwdriver. The basic solution to keeping the doors closed is to make sure you organize the closet a little. For starters, there is a small screw in the top rail that holds the drifting door in place.

You can loosen that screw and slide it a little towards the center. This will lower the lower corner of the door (where the two doors meet) a bit. Just adjust it a little or the alignment will deviate from your eye. Tilt the bottom of the door toward you as you drop it, and the wheels will hook directly to the track.

The more folding doors you fix, the better you feel exactly where the adjustments need to be made. Insert the door wheels into the double guide inside the upper door jamb, lifting it up as far as you can. The problem, of course, is that trying to make folding doors fit together perfectly can take some patience and time. I would remove the offending door by loosening the top screw of its hinge and tilting the top outward until it falls off the track.

Try making these simple adjustments to your folding doors, and from now on they will start to stay closed for you. The unfortunate part of this process is that, even after an adjustment, you may not have the perfect doors yet. This is an excellent option for those doors that are not used as often, such as a wardrobe in a guest bedroom. If you don't fix the carpet problem, you might encounter the same problem when you install the new doors.

In fact, regardless of the type of house you live in, you probably have a pantry or closet that has a folding door. Remember that a folding door cabinet may not be as deep as traditional door cabinets. Folding doors are among the simplest doors to install, and because they are space-saving, they are a popular choice for bedroom closets. It is in the horizontal center of the front door, 36 inches from the floor; if the doors are paneled, the knob should go in the vertical center of the center panel.

Adjusting the adjuster is something you'll probably need to do on both sides if you have double folding doors. Since these doors constantly slide along a rail to open and close, hardware tends to loosen and cause problems with doors jamming, loosening, or falling off the rail altogether. For the most part, folding doors that don't stay closed have to do with the snug at the bottom or the support at the top.

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