Which aluminium bifold doors?

Find out why aluminum bends generally outperform vinyl and wood doors. Read our detailed comparison and find the ideal doors for your home. In addition to high functionality, aluminum folding doors increase comfort in your living space at a reasonable cost. They are available both with inward and outward opening.

With a low threshold or even at ground level, a folding door can also contribute to barrier-free space. Modern aluminum bifold can certainly compete with doors made of other materials, such as wood, in terms of thermal insulation and energy efficiency. Some people choose to install folding doors in a DIY way, but this is just a job for DIY experts, so think carefully before making this decision. They do not require maintenance costs and come with longer warranties than many other types of bifold plus, thanks to their brilliant thermal properties, you can also reduce your heating bills.

Unlike aluminum folding doors, wooden versions require a little maintenance to maintain their good looks. Painted versions may need a fresh coat from time to time, while unpainted versions may also require greasing, staining and sanding. Obviously, triple glazed folding doors have lower U values than those equipped with double glazing, but for many people the extra cost won't add up. The CF (Concept Folding) 77 is a stable and highly insulating profile for aluminum folding doors with an installation depth of 77 mm.

When looking at how efficient thermally folding doors are, it is the U value that you should pay attention to. The aluminum folding door system is available in a range of standard sizes to fit the most popular openings or can be manufactured to measure up to 20 panels, 10 in each direction and 65 feet wide and 10 feet 4 high. There is no way around that aluminum folding doors are never considered an economical option. Although the glazing you choose will also influence the thermal efficiency of your new folding doors, the frame material will also have a big impact.

Aluminum folding doors come in a wide range of standard sizes, but can also be custom manufactured to suit any individual requirement. On the downside, some of the cheaper doors on the market are known to suffer from color fading over time and may also lack the longevity that aluminum folding doors enjoy. When it comes to the cost of wooden folding doors, what you pay will largely depend on the type of wood you choose. To choose the right folding door size for your home, you must first calculate the opening (opening) in which they will be installed.

They typically consist of an aluminum frame with an internal wooden cladding, offering the best of both worlds. Aluminium folding doors are versatile due to their strong yet lightweight composition and are an excellent choice for more contemporary style homes, as they come with fine sight lines and in a range of RAL powder coated color options.

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