When to install bifold doors?

Install the pivots on the top and bottom of the door. Insert the pivots into the holders. Place the front (inner) door on the edge, facing backwards with the first door. Align the doors evenly against a square, then bring the hinges together.

Screw the hinge plates to the front door. Repeat on second pair of doors. The first step in installing folding closet doors is to measure the opening of the cabinet door and then purchasing a kit of the correct size. The combined measurement of both doors should be approximately one inch smaller than the total width of the opening and 1 to 2 inches smaller than the height of the door frame.

This is to leave enough space for the hardware. Jambs kits often include 1×1 moldings that are intended to hide door edges around the sides and door rail. These clumsy 1x1 give a glued look to the molding that doesn't match the look of the doors. So I leave aside the 1x1s, preferring instead a detail that I learned from an ace finish carpenter in the 70s.

As shown in the photos in the article, I add a 1×2 to the head jamb, and then hide most of it with the same edge that lines the passage doors. I don't use any stoppers along the sides of the doors because the doors can be easily adjusted to maintain an even space between their uprights and the jambs when the side jambs are properly aligned. Folding doors open on pins instead of leaf hinges common to walk-through doors. The pins fit into the pre-drilled holes on the top and bottom of the doors.

With this system, most of the loads exerted by the doors are delivered to the pivot supports at the bottom of the jambs. So don't worry about the heavy structural nails through the jambs to prevent the doors from falling out. You'll notice in the photos that I put blocks under the pivot supports to prevent them from getting buried by the carpet. If the floor is going to be hardwood, leave out the blocks and install the doors after the wood is in place.

Most folding doors are installed with hardware kits that may come with the door, but are often sold separately. Install the bottom rail in the same way, making sure the end of the rail touches the same side of the door frame. Most large home improvement stores sell folding closet doors in standard sizes to fit a typical opening; many also sell reasonably priced kits that include door panels, installation rails, installation hardware, and door handles or knobs. Sliding closet doors are a common installation in American homes, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're the best option.

Practical homeowners can add value and style by purchasing folding door kits, which allow for easy DIY installation. With that said, be sure to carefully review the manufacturer's installation instructions and have all the necessary tools and hardware handy before starting your folding door installation project. Typically, folding doors open from the center and fold back on both sides, although you can configure them to open one way or the other. Mounted on the sides of a cabinet opening, these folding doors allow access to the entire cabinet, not half of the cabinet at once, as is the case with sliding doors.

Sometimes, top-suspended folding doors have a lower pivot that mounts to the door jamb instead of having a floor rail; in these cases, the bottom rail is optional. Be sure to review the manufacturer's instructions that come with the folding door kit to make sure you have all the right hardware parts and that you have placed the correct parts in the right locations. All folding cabinet doors are of similar construction, and consist of two or more symmetrical door panels that open outwardly from a central pivot hinge. Take the opportunity to paint the area where the door contacts the frame, as it will be hidden after installing the new door.

But in the case of installing folding doors, the ubiquitous accordion-style panels that hide many American cabinets, the work table is the floor in front of the closet. In traditional homes with interior doors that feature six-panel designs, most folding doors also have a six-panel design. If everything goes according to plan, you should be able to install your folding doors in a few hours or less. Also known as accordion doors or accordion doors (inspired by accordion-type musical instruments), folding doors offer a space-saving combination of functionality and comfort.

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