What sizes do bifold closet doors come in?

Folding cabinet doors typically fit an opening of 80, 5, or 96 in height. Typical widths can range from 24 to 72.For spans up to 36, your closet doors will have two panels or a door that opens from the right or left. Origin folding door panels have a minimum width of 28 inches (even number of doors) and 15.75 inches (odd number of doors). The most popular rough opening size is 49 by 82 inches.

Custom doors are available for larger openings. The standard widths that sliding closet doors typically come in are 24 inches, 28 inches, 30 inches, 32 inches, or 36 inches. Read more about the different types of sliding doors here. Home Repair Central has a folding door size chart, which may be useful.

Two-panel doors generally come with 12-, 15-, 16-, or 18-inch panels, and four-panel doors generally come with 12-, 15-, or 18-inch panels. Some manufacturers offer other sizes and custom orders may also be available. We offer a complete line of folding doors and other folding doors in a wide range of dimensions, designed to enhance any type of domestic, work or commercial creation. They will advise you on how much wall you should replace with folding doors and how much wall space you should leave around the door.

Still, it can be incredibly useful to know what the general or standard size of a closet door should be. As with the minimum width, there are two different measurements: the width of a door leaf and the width of the full set of double folds. However, most people go for the set of three doors, one front door, and two leaves, as they are more convenient and provide better access. As explained above on the page, they have a minimum and maximum width and height, and these measurements vary between door manufacturers.

However, keep in mind that having such narrow panels could make it difficult both to operate the front door and to slide the panels smoothly along its track. Technically, the narrowest folding set you can buy has two folding doors and no main door (the main panel that opens first and contains the multi-point locking system). Take the smallest measurements and reduce half an inch (the fit tolerance) to get the door size you need to order. Folding ones are sold in pairs, with two doors that fold on one side or four parts in the middle with two doors that fold back on both sides.

It should be obvious from the above that adapting a folding fold to another style of door opening can be a problem. Any larger door will need two different rails, which engage each other during installation. In general, the finished opening should be 1 inch higher than the doors for hardware installation and opening clearance. Folding doors are sold both ready-made and custom-made products, and can be installed as exterior or interior doors.

Whether you're finishing a closet or remodeling your space, folding closet doors are a necessity.

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