What is the finished opening for a 32 inch bifold door?

Generally, the rough opening of the folding door should be 2 inches wider and 2 inches taller than the door itself, regardless of the size of the folding door. In general, the finished opening should be 1 inch higher than the doors for hardware installation and free opening space. You'll need to figure out the final opening size of folding doors to determine the maximum width of the folding doors that your space will allow. Either way, the finishing opening leaves just over 48, which is enough to allow the doors to move freely, but not too much.

Remember that the rough opening must be 1 inch higher and 2 inches wider than the total measurements of the folding doors. If the rough opening isn't the right size, the folding door won't fit if it's too small, or it'll have wide gaps if it's too big. Keep in mind that most folding door sets don't come with a door frame kit, so it's quite common to use ¾ thick selected wood to create the finished door frame. Two-panel doors usually come with 12-, 15-, 16- or 18-inch panels, and four-panel doors usually come with 12-, 15- or 18-inch panels.

The finished opening of this size for a folding door will allow you to install a jamb kit or use selected ¾ thick wood to create the finished door jamb. First, decide whether the doors will close inward or outward and leave enough space depending on your choice. They are often found at the back of houses to allow for extensive views of the outdoor landscapes and are also used indoors for pantries, closets and other small spaces, so you'll need to know the final size of the folding door opening. Origin has a folding door size calculator that details the manufacturer's standard maximum width for folding door panels, which is 420 to 780 inches or 35 to 65 feet.

Therefore, the finished opening of the folding door should be 1.5 inches narrower than the rough opening of the folding door, due to the installation of the finished moldings. Architecture Lab states that folding doors are also known as folding sliding doors, accordion doors and room dividers. Always check the manufacturer's or product specifications to confirm the approximate opening requirements for your particular folding doors. These doors are connected by hinges and the roll-up guides will be at the top, bottom, or both.

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