What is the best size for bifold doors?

Origin folding door panels have a minimum width of 28 inches (even number of doors) and 15.75 inches (odd number of doors). First of all, they are the minimum sizes of folding doors available with a folding lid. Most brands start with around 400mm wide per panel. Therefore, you can have a two-panel door, which fits openings as narrow as one meter wide.

In fact, such small sizes are rare for a bifold, but it's possible. A popular recommendation from online retailers is 1 ½ inch. This will vary depending on the floor you have. You may also wonder how much smaller a folding door should be than the finished opening.

For the correct opening of the folding door, the actual size must always be 12.7 mm smaller in width compared to the finished opening. In terms of height, doors should be 38.1 mm shorter in height compared to the finished opening. Origin has a folding door sizing calculator that details the manufacturer's standard maximum width for folding door panels, which is 420 to 780 inches, or 35 to 65 feet. The minimum width is 16 inches for an odd number of doors and 28 inches for an even number of doors.

The maximum height is 120 to 145 inches, or 10 to 12.08 feet. Architecture Lab says folding doors are also known as folding sliding doors, accordion doors, and room dividers. To decide what size of folding doors you need, you must first evaluate the opening that the doors are directed to (known as an opening). Most popular and cheaper systems, such as the Visofold 1000 folding door or the Aluk Optio, offer panels up to 1000 mm wide.

Standard folding door panels intended for internal installation range from 700 mm (2.3 ft) to 1000 mm (3.3 ft) wide. If the door selected is 48 by 80 inches, the final opening size for the folding door will be 48 by 82 inches. When it comes to height, standard folding doors for internal installation measure around 2078 mm (6.8 ft). The type of folding door you would like to install in your home will determine the size of the finished opening.

The type of folding door you want to install in your home will determine how you measure the width of the door. Origin can make doors starting at 15.75 inches. Doors of this size can be used as through windows. As was more easily said, folding doors are made of different materials, including aluminum, plywood, MDF, among other materials.

It is important to have accurate readings when measuring folding doors, as any slight errors could cause problems during installation. Study the different folding door systems and you will see how the number of panels provides different ways of sliding and folding. However, some manufacturers design folding doors with options of three, five or six doors of different widths. The approximate opening of a folding door is approximately 50.8 mm higher and 50.8 mm wider than the door itself, regardless of the size of the folding door.

If you want a folding door that exceeds the manufacturer's minimum or maximum sizes, it is advisable to contact the company to see if they have your customized options.

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