How much room do you need for bifold doors?

The combined measurement of both doors should be approximately one inch smaller than the total width of the opening and 1 to 2 inches smaller than the height of the door frame. This is to leave enough space for the hardware. Generally, the rugged opening of the folding door should be 2 inches wider and 2 inches taller than the door itself, regardless of the size of the folding door. The most popular rough opening size is 49 by 82 inches.

Custom doors are available for larger openings. The minimum width for folding doors is 1400 mm. To fill this opening size, two individual 700 mm wide door panels would be used. It is not advisable to build them smaller than this, since they will stick together when closed.

You may also wonder how much smaller a folding door should be than the finished opening. For the correct opening of the folding door, the actual size must always be 12.7 mm smaller in width compared to the finished opening. In terms of height, doors should be 38.1 mm shorter in height compared to the finished opening. If you want a folding door that exceeds the manufacturer's minimum or maximum sizes, it is advisable to contact the company to see if they have your customized options.

If you already have an old folding door installed, you won't be able to measure the space accurately. Folding doors are a versatile solution for external doors, available in a variety of sizes and configurations. When it comes to height, standard folding doors for internal installation measure around 2078 mm (6.8 ft). Remember that the approximate opening should be 1 inch taller and 2 inches wider than the total dimensions of folding doors.

This finished opening sized for a folding door will allow you to install a door jamb kit or use select ¾ thick wood to create the finished door jamb. Finished opening for folding doors involves attaching 1″ x N trim boards to the rugged opening 2×4 frame bolts of the folding door. If your door opening is smaller or larger than the previous readings, you will need to choose a custom-made folding door. Standard folding door panels intended for internal installation range from 700 mm (2.3 ft) to 1000 mm (3.3 ft) wide.

A folding door, also known as a folding sliding door, is a door that opens by sliding, can be folded in or out to open space. Note that most folding door assemblies don't come with a door frame kit, so it's quite common to use selected ¾ thick wood to create the finished door frame. The type of folding door you want to install in your home will determine how you measure the width of the door. They are often found at the back of homes to allow expansive views of outdoor landscapes and are also used indoors for pantries, closets, and other small spaces, so you'll need to know the size of the end opening for folding doors.

It is important to have accurate readings when measuring folding doors, as any slight errors could cause problems during installation. Note that these guidelines for a finished opening for a folding door are typical framing standards employed in the home building business.

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