How long does it take to fit a bifold door?

On average, we can set up a set of folding doors within 3 to 4 hours. Of course, there are extraneous factors that will affect the installation wait time. When the door is ready for installation, we will contact you to arrange a time for the installation to take place. Before the doors arrive, clear all areas around the opening and provide parking near the house.

Remove any plant stands and garden furniture from the outside of the immediate installation area, as this will make it difficult for equipment to arrive. Installing a folding door will take around a full working day, although obviously this depends on complexity. Installation involves expert handling of the fragile glazing cassettes and frame in the location where their installation is required. Once the bifold is in place, the wireless remote control unit for the blinds will be placed in the house, where it is easily accessible (if you have chosen this option), so consider a few options.

The doors will be thoroughly tested, along with the electric blind system, and the team will thoroughly clean your workspace before letting you enjoy your new folding door. A key factor in how long it takes to install folding doors is if you are using an installer or if you install your folding door yourself. We offer installation services and can deliver our products to you directly from the factory, allowing you to install your new bifold yourself (if you feel confident in your DIY skills). Installation time between a professional folding door installer and a homeowner can vary greatly; therefore, it is not always possible to get a concrete answer as to how long it takes to install folding doors.

On average, each set of folding doors will take 3-4 hours to install. The amount of installation time can vary depending on several factors, such as size, how they need to be finished (to match existing windows and doors), and the type of folding door purchased. While sliding doors have thinner frames, folding designs are more durable and have more hardware. The recommended minimum width for folding doors is 1400 mm (4.7 ft), however, this is the minimum width for a folding door assembly with 2 door panels.

Remove the side to be cut with painter's tape, and then use a circular saw or planer to trim the width of the folding door. Lead times are the amount of time between the start of a process and its completion (which is usually the completion of the installation of your custom folding door). Your Price Bifold will be happy to install its foldables to your specifications and time scale. The time it takes to install a folding door also depends on whether a homeowner is hiring a professional folding door installer or if they are taking the work themselves with the DIY.

As such, the simple question “how long does it take to install folding doors” doesn't always come with a simple answer. The actual dimension of folding doors is always ½ smaller in width than the size indicated to accommodate the space necessary for the proper functioning of the doors. Folding doors can have a genuine impact on your quality of life, from increasing natural light and fresh air, to the perfect combination of indoor and outdoor space, not to mention the potential added value for your home.

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