Do bifold doors leak?

In addition to spoiling the appearance of folding doors, the accumulation of dust and dirt can affect their performance and cause wind and water leaks, especially in the humid winter months. There's nothing worse than installing beautiful folding doors just to get the track filled with water and seep into your home. If this is happening to you, you'll want to find an effective solution. See the most common reasons for this problem and find out how to fix them with our handy guide.

Technically no, folding doors aren't 100% weather resistant, but neither are the vast majority of external door options. The only reason there is a common negative misconception about folding door waterproofing is that there is simply more room for glass, which many assume is not as weather resistant as wood, metal or brick. There can be numerous reasons why your double folding door set is leaking. Assuming that the doors are made of aluminum and are supported by a projection window, the first thing to look for is that the bottom of the box is properly sealed to the house.

If you need help identifying or solving problems with your folding doors, then TV Windows is here for you. Doing this regularly will keep your doors clean and ensure that they are properly aligned and prevent water from entering. Low or medium quality aluminum folding doors will normally seek to meet minimum climate standards. The threshold is literally the part under the door that keeps the outside out and the inside in, so if it's lower to the ground, there's obviously less room for the weather to leak in.

In comparison, a non-eroded threshold (or flush threshold) may be more suitable for indoor use or for an outdoor área that is protected, to prevent water from seeping under the folding doors. Not only can folding doors help keep your home insulted and safe, but they're generally built to last, regardless of the weather. The only solution to this problem is to replace the entire rail with a new one so that the doors can continue to work effectively. In fact, exterior folding doors are able to withstand the aggressive elements, as well as the more generic elements of everyday life, just like any other exterior door.

When it's fixed, you can open and close the door more easily and close it more tightly so that water doesn't fill the track. If you are having problems with your external folding door, before you pay a large bill to install a new door, you should consider whether the problem really lies with the hardware. On the other hand, the variety of different ways in which a folding door can be opened also means that they provide improved ventilation compared to conventional patio doors. To achieve the best solution in terms of draining folding doors, it is always worth looking for the highest quality option.

However, high-quality doors and doors manufactured by Origin have been extensively researched and tested to ensure the best solution. Choose a few quotes and ask your door system installers for their opinion on insulation times, maintenance and warranty.

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