Can bifold doors be cut down?

If you have ordered a folding door and find that it is a little too long for the height of the door, it is very simple to trim the door to fit. Installing carpets with a thicker layer can sometimes cause the folding door to crawl. As a house settles over time, you may also need to adjust the height of a folding door. Install a cross cutting blade on a table saw.

Raise the blade 2 inches tall from the tip of the tallest tooth to where the blade emerges from the table. Fix the fence to the given extent. Cut a 2 by 2 by 96 inch piece of fir to fit inside the door if you've cut more than 2 inches from the door and exposed the hollow core. Use the table saw to cut it wide and long.

Place glue on both sides and tap it on the side of the door until it is flush with the side. Place clamps on it and allow the glue to dry for an hour. Sand the cut area with 100 grit sandpaper and a manual block until smooth. Clean the stain on the door to match the existing stain.

Finish by lightly spraying with spray lacquer. The width of a folding door can be cut down to ¼ inch on each side to better fit the rough opening of a door. Remove the side to be cut with painter's tape, then use a circular saw or planer to trim the width of the folding door. Lightly sand the edges to remove burrs and paint the sides to close the door again.

You can cut them almost anything you want. The problem you're going to run into (especially if you bought the 6-panel doors) is how uneven they can look when you trim them across the width. As others have said, you'll probably do better with solid wood doors or, better yet, custom-sized doors. For example, if your closet's rough opening is 72 inches wide, then the total width of the two folding doors combined should be 71-½ inches.

Then cut out the lock and remove the cardboard as needed so that the lock can reform the outer perimeter of the door. It's called The Bracket and it's just a pivoting reinforcement plate that attaches with a single screw to the top or bottom of the door over the hole before the pivot pin is adjusted to its starting position. Measure and place a piece of adhesive tape on both sides of the door and centered at the point where the leaf will pass through the door. It's pretty simple, but there are some mistakes you'll want to avoid while trimming your folding door.

And if you read the warranties on the door, they claim that the warranty is void if you don't paint it after cutting it. For a double folding door installation, the overall width should be ½ inch smaller than the rough opening (¼ on each side of the total width). I went out and bought the doors today, just to find out the possible reason the previous owners didn't install a new door, the generic doors seem to be a little too small. The previous owners even had the rails at the top and bottom of every time the old doors came in.

Measure and note the diameters and locations of the holes in the top of the door that are used for rollers, pins, or any other hardware that needs to be repositioned. If you place tape around the door before marking your measurements and cutting, you will have a much better finish on your door. If you accidentally cut more than ¼ of each side and suddenly realize that you can see the hollow part of your folding door, there's no need to stress. Then, when the door fits well, I recommend lightly sanding the edges of the side of the door you just cut.

However, I was wrong, the solid piece of wood on the top of the door was about 1 inch longer than the wood that held the door on the sides. If your closet's rough opening is 24 inches wide, then the width of your single double door should be 23 ½ inches. .

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