Are bifold doors secure?

However, many of the rumors that could generate these doubts are completely unfounded. In fact, as long as you take sensible precautionary measures, folding doors are just as secure as conventional patio or French doors, and potentially even more so. Many folding doors have a high security triple lock and are perfectly suited to protect your home from extreme weather conditions. For example, Air is a large manufacturer of folding doors and all of its doors meet PAS-24 requirements and are police approved with the Secured by Design specification.

They are also extremely weather resistant, as they have been tested for wind speeds of up to 120 mph. They are well built to keep your home safe and draft-free. When placed correctly, folding ones are much safer than an old wooden tailgate. A thief could apply enough force to kick a wooden door, while good quality glazing is extremely difficult to break.

As long as the doors are properly mounted on their rails, there should be no chance for a thief to enter by force. In addition to providing very secure access to your home, the bifold supplied by us come with a full twenty year warranty. This gives you the knowledge and peace of mind that, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your doors, a fully trained and customer-friendly team will do whatever it takes to fix the problem. Despite being custom-made, the installation of your doors can be carried out in as little as seven days (depending on the size of your project).

The repair team will work quickly, quietly and cleanly, treating your home environment with the respect you expect and making sure everything is safe every step of the way. They're also great to look at: any visitor to your home is sure to notice when your folding door elegantly slides to the side and collapses into a relatively tiny space. Key Locks: Key locks and even padlocks are a good idea to create maximum security in the home, especially if your folding doors are used as greenhouse doors or patio doors, just like direct access points to your home. You can browse the Yale website to learn more about the smart locks and the more traditional locks available for your doors, with many more options to choose from.

As always, make sure you buy the door from a trusted supplier, known for their high quality products without any defects. Synonymous with the Art Deco era of the early 20th century, and having never gone out of style, industrial doors with a steel look have had a certain renaissance in recent years, and it's easy to see why. Folding door supply %26 sliding doors to Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Swindon and many other locations in Gloucestershire, Somerset %26 the South West. Folding doors also come with sturdy glass panels, so any intruder would have to physically lift the doors to prevent entry, which would be incredibly complicated for them without a tool kit and knowledge of how the doors work.

Twinpoint: A double point lock will include a handle in the center of the folding doors, which will work from both the top and bottom of the door. Twinpoint: This lock includes a handle that works from the top and bottom of the front door and can secure it with a single movement. UK customers mistakenly believe that while folding doors are extremely functional (space-saving) and add aesthetic appeal, they lack security. This will naturally affect the appearance of the door, which can be a decisive factor if you opt for such a glass door for aesthetic reasons.

When it comes to glass, it is important that it is installed from the inside of the door, that way potential thieves will not be able to remove the beads around the edge and slide the entire panel. Most external folding doors ship with a multi-point locking system as standard, which means that it is by definition more secure than a standard door, which will normally only have one main locking mechanism that can be drilled or positioned with little effort. . .

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